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When Should a Business Fire Its Employee According to Bill Schantz ?

When Should a Business Fire Its Employee According to Bill Schantz ?

No matter how brilliant or well-designed a business’ products, services, or offerings are, if there is no workforce to promote it, sell it, or manage it, a business’ eventual failure is imminent.

Hence, there is no doubt that a company or business’s most vital asset is its workforce or employees. However, according to Bill Schantz , when those employees lack the drive, ambition, motivation, or expertise needed to achieve a business’ short-term or long-term goals, it is best to remove them from the workforce.

Continue reading below to learn about the top four situations that may require the business to fire some of its employees.

Top Four Situations that May Provoke a Business to Fire its Employee as Per Bill Schantz

Although most business owners wish to satisfy their employees with great working conditions and motivating incentives, their primary focus will always be their business’ survival, profits, and growth.

Hence, no matter how old or close a business owner’s relationship with its employee or workforce may be, it is never enough to compensate for poor performance, dishonesty, and lack of focus.

Below are the top four situations that may provoke a business to fire its employee:

1.     When the Employee Lacks the Skills Needed for the Job

According to Bill Schantz , no matter how physically attractive, charming, or kind-hearted a person is, a business only truly cares about the skills and expertise they can offer.

Hence, when an employee is unable to either understand their daily tasks or simply lacks the skills, knowledge, experience, or expertise needed to do a satisfactory job, they are no longer the company’s vital assets and instead are nothing more than a liability.

If continuous assistance or workshops still prove insufficient to make up for the employee’s incompetency, the best option is to remove them from the workforce.

2.     When the Employee Displays Lack of Focus and Attention

Apart from having the skills and work experience needed by the business, an employee’s professionalism, focus, and commitment to their job are equally important.

If an employee’s actions or attitude reflect a lack of focus, persistent demotivation, poor attention, and no drive, they are nothing more than an unprofitable cost to the business. Hence, it is better that the business owners fire them on time.

3.     When the Employee Continues to Make Financially Damaging Decisions

According to Bill Schantz , the most important thing to any business is its profit and revenue.

If any employee’s lack of focus or incompetency consistently leads to financial losses, no business will tolerate them for too long.

4.     When the Employee has Been Dishonest or Fraudulent

Although it may take multiple years for an employee to make a respectable place for themselves in the workforce, dishonesty and fraudulent behavior can stain their reputation almost instantly.

If the business feels unsafe and threatened by the employee’s lack of reliability, it is better to get rid of them on time instead of staying extra cautious all the time.

Bill Schantz ’s Wise Advice

Starting a business may not be as challenging as keeping it alive and running. Hence, according to Bill Schantz , every business’ priority should be to ensure that all the operations and work tasks are handed over to individuals who are well-skilled, focused, honest, and motivated to achieve their targets.

However, if the business is constantly struggling with disciplining an employee, the best tip is to replace them with someone more capable and serious.

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