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Tips on Starting a Business by Bill Schantz

Tips on Starting a Business by Bill Schantz

The first step in becoming your boss is deciding to take that step.

It’s clear that you need to do things like come up with a name and a logo for your company, but what about the other, maybe less visible but no less important, right? The amount of work involved in starting a company may be overwhelming, whether you need to figure out your legal structure or develop a comprehensive marketing plan.

Don’t sit around wondering how to make your company a reality; instead, guide by Bill Schantz to take it from concept to reality.

Bill Schantz’s Advice on Starting a Business

As per Bill Schantz’s guide, you should prepare yourself well before beginning a company, but you should also be aware that things will probably go differently than planned. Bill Schantz recommends that to manage a successful company, one must be able to adjust to different circumstances.

Here are a few tips to follow on starting a business.

Business Plan

The first step is to find your inspiration. Knowing your desired line of work and way of life can help you zero in on this concept. Bill Schantz advises that putting out a business plan clarifies your strategies for handling crucial parts of the company. Everything from an executive summary to financials is included.

Find Your Target Audience

The second tip in starting a new business, according to Bill Schantz, is: People who are most likely to become consumers of your product are known as your target audience or market.

This is whom you’ll spend time and money advertising. Therefore, it is essential to provide as comprehensive a definition as feasible.

It is essential to identify and understand your target audience because:

  • Decisions in marketing may be more informed and cost-efficient.
  • It affects how you create new products since having a client provides feedback.

Doing a Market Research

Bill Schantz advises that creating a business strategy can help your start-up reach great lengths. It requires detailed market research on your industry and prospective customers. Surveys, focus group interviews, and marketing research is needed.

Market research reveals your target customer’s demands, tastes, and competitors. Many small company experts propose obtaining demographic data and doing a competition study to determine market prospects and constraints.

Financial Evaluation

Bill Schantz proposes that from time to time, you do a comprehensive financial review of your company and make modifications as necessary to the criteria. It is essential to have efficient financial management in place to run a successful firm.

Many companies need to properly handle their money, leading to future problems or failures and preventing them from success.

According to Bill Schantz, you must maintain a careful watch on your finances and strike a balance between them over time. If you believe you benefit from spending less money, you should make the necessary adjustments while simultaneously reducing your expenses.


Hiring impulsively is not a good plan since it takes time to create the best team. Take your time building your team, and don’t settle with merely filling jobs. You should strive to locate the finest applicants for the position you are providing by listing the qualifications you are looking for.

Bill Schantz’s Final Thoughts

There is no such thing as a foolproof business plan, but following Bill Schantz’s tips can help you get your company off the ground and ready for expansion.

Even if you put in the effort to prepare for establishing a company properly, there is a good chance that things will still go differently than planned. You have to be able to adjust to different circumstances if you want your business to be successful.

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