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Time Management Hacks to Improve Your Business by Bill Schantz

Time Management Hacks to Improve Your Business by Bill Schantz

Time management is an essential skill that seeps into all areas of life. Bill Schantz emphasizes the need for time management skills regardless of where you’re applying them, but in the workplace, poor time management could be the difference between success and failure.

Why is Time Management Important by Bill Schantz

The concept of time management seems relatively simple on the surface, but can do a great deal when it comes to the success of a business.

According to Bill Schantz, time management isn’t just necessary for productivity, it’s also important for making sure employees don’t end up stressing themselves out by scrambling to meet deadlines, and are thus able to have a better work-life balance. Greater productivity, time for themselves and more efficiency in the business results in better job satisfaction as well.

Bill Schantz’s Time Management Hacks for Business Growth

Change Your Mindset

When it comes to making any sort of change in your life, it’s necessary to make sure your thoughts align with this change. That means that you need to mentally prepare yourself for any sort of resistance that comes with the change.

For example, Bill Schantz explains that better time management will often mean that you have to stop slacking off, and this can be met with some sort of mental resistance. Making sure your subconscious aligns with your external goals is important!

Identify The Right Tasks

Knowing how to manage time involves correctly identifying which tasks take up the most time and which ones yield the highest results. This is important because often, we end up starting with the easiest thing and building up towards the ones that take up more time, or vice versa, rather than focusing on the importance of those tasks themselves.

This can be a bit difficult, and may need you to get some help from an expert, but identifying this is important. The stress that comes with the workplace often revolves around your output not being ‘enough’, and the best way to tackle this is to make sure you start from the tasks with the most output.

Hold Yourself Accountable

Accountability is necessary when it comes to time management. In fact, plenty of times, Bill Schantz explains, we end up slacking off because we know we are only accountable to ourselves. Unless the deadline is looming and we have no other choice, we’re so much more inclined to scroll through social media than to focus on work.

Making sure you hold yourself accountable when you slack off is necessary. You could set alarms for yourself to remind you to get back to worth, or incentivize by holding hostage the things that you like. For example, you won’t allow yourself to eat lunch until you finish the tasks you’d assigned to yourself for the first half of the day.

As you start getting into the habit, time management skills start improving and you take on a lot less stress than you would otherwise, thus also preventing burnout.

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