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The Tiny Home Movement and Retirement as Per William Schantz

The tiny home movement is a great option for retirement. Today more than 40% of tiny houses are occupied by older and retired individuals. Joining the tiny home movement upon retirement has numerous advantages; it can help you live a simpler life, make your money last longer, and protect you in the face of economic uncertainty. You naturally cut down on material possessions and declutter due to limited space when you move to a tiny home. This helps you focus more on non-material things such as traveling, daily experiences, and relationships.

In this blog, William Schantz discusses the perks of moving to a tiny home as a retired senior.

Reduced Living Expenses

You get a lot of financial freedom by moving to a tiny house. Living in a tiny home is a very cost-effective option. Due to limited space, you cut down utility bills dramatically. There is lesser space to heat or cool. You also require limited furniture and a cut down on material possessions, which can make your money last longer, especially if you live on a limited income.

Easier Maintenance Asserts William Schantz

Tiny homes require lesser maintenance. You don’t have to spend so much time physically cleaning the house as in a traditional home. Cleaning is more manageable if you do it yourself and more affordable if you hire help. Tiny houses are also good for the environment. they require fewer resources to run and leave a smaller physical and environmental footprint. You also have to spend lesser money on making improvements and repairs.

Retire on Wheels

You can get a tiny house on wheels if you love to travel. This will allow you to travel anywhere in the country and visit the places you have always dreamed of. Upon retirement, you don’t have work to keep you rooted in one spot. Now you can go anywhere you like in your tiny mobile house!

Live Near the Kids

You want to spend more time with the kids and grandkids as you get older. Why not get a tiny home near your family so you can spend more time with them. You get to be near the kids while keeping your personal space. Another option is to have more than one tiny house on one property. With closer proximity, you can spend more time together easily.

Keep in Touch with Other Seniors

Many retirement communities present throughout the US live in tiny houses. They are known as retirement villages. Living in a retirement village can be great for seniors due to the social community it provides. Retired individuals get to connect with others of their generation who are also in a similar stage of their life.

William Schantz’s Final Thoughts

Due to all the above-listed reasons, William Schantz believes living in tiny homes is a beneficial move for retired individuals. This move can give retirees more financial freedom and a hassle-free lifestyle. However, William Schantz thinks there is one con to living in a tiny home. There might be lesser room for two people, you and a spouse, to live comfortably. If you are a retiree who wants to live alone, it’s the perfect decision. For two people to live easily, you might have to take measures to maximize space, such as creating multiple bedrooms.

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