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Social Media Marketing - Bill Schantz

Social Media Marketing – Bill Schantz

In the digital world, social media marketing is an important part of any business’s marketing strategy. In fact, with such a large portion of your brand’s potential users on social media, Bill Schantz explains that not having a solid strategy in place could actually be your business’s downfall.

Bill Schantz Explains The Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Social media helps your brand in a number of ways. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Building Awareness

According to Bill Schantz, there is no better way to build awareness about your brand than to do so in a place where your target audience is to be found. Everyone uses social media in some form or another, so naturally, if your brand is talked about, people’s awareness about it will grow. Not only is this good for generating new leads, but also for making sure your existing users have you at the front of their minds.

Understanding Consumers

A major benefit of social media is that your target audience is relatively candid there – particularly when it comes to their wants and needs. With conversation around your customers’ preferences being had, it becomes easier for businesses to recognize areas for improvement and how to better serve their customers.

Customer Service

Customers feel most confident in any brand if they feel like their satisfaction is important. Otherwise there is nothing stopping them from turning around and switching to a competitor. According to Bill Schantz, social media allows you to engage with your customers and make sure their complaints and concerns are heard so that you can serve them better.

Building a Social Media Marketing Strategy, A How-To by Bill Schantz

Building a social media strategy is a core part of using social media the right way. In fact, using it the wrong way can actually have the opposite effect!

Have Clear Goals

Keeping your goals in mind is necessary for anything, but especially when it comes to marketing. Always make sure you know what you aim to do with your social media presence, and take steps accordingly.

Establish KPIs

Knowing what your key performance indicators are is necessary for you to determine whether your strategy is a successful one or not. These should be realistic and measurable and should also be in-line with your goals. For example, Bill Schantz explains, if your goal is to improve brand awareness, then your KPIs could revolve around reach and engagement, rather than sales.

Look at Competitors

Knowing what you’re doing with your brand is important, but knowing what your competitors are doing with theirs is just as important. What campaigns have they run? How successful were they? Are your customers switching over to the other brand? All of these are important questions to ask when it comes to your competition.

Without knowing what your competitors are doing right or wrong, you could end up making mistakes that could put you at a disadvantage, and it’s not easy to get back on track once that happens.

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