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Secrets of a Happy Retirement - William Schantz

Secrets of a Happy Retirement – William Schantz

Retirement presents a beautiful journey in which you can finally relax and unwind after years and years of hard work. However, it has the potential to be uncomfortable if not appropriately managed. Here are a few secrets of a happy retired life by William Schantz. These tips will help you lead a comfortable, fulfilling, and content life post-retirement. So, read on!

Secrets of a Happy Retirement by William Schantz

1.     Manage Your Finances

Fitness is perhaps the biggest concern that surrounds most retirees. It’s pretty natural to feel worried about finances when you’ve retired. However, with proper planning, you can manage just fine.

You should sit down, work out the available financial options, and chalk out a workable, practical, and easy-to-follow plan of action. Be sure to earmark finances for all of your foreseeable expenses. The more detail you go in, the more freedom you will have in the future. If you are considering retiring, work your finances out in detail. The sooner you do this, the better.

2.     Maintain Your Social Circle

A wonderful part of retired life is the amount of time you have on your hands. This surplus time can be a blessing for one who has the right people around. However, it can be equally hard for someone who begins to feel lonely and purposeless, as per William Schantz.

To avoid this feeling, surround yourself with people you find likable and have an easy time conversing with. If you find a shortage of such people in your circle, expand it by signing up and joining various clubs where you can interact with other retirees and make new friends.

3.     Maintain Physical Activity

According to William Schantz, staying fit and active is perhaps the most significant and crucial factor of a healthy post-retired life. Being active and physically fit pays dividends in retired life and adds an entirely new color to it.

Remaining healthy gives you more energy and saves you from a lot of trouble. Being physically active also allows you to engage and meet new people, which can be a valuable experience in this stage of your life.

4.     William Schantz Suggests Keeping a Routine

It has been scientifically proven that routines are much more potent than even the strongest willpower. As per William Schantz, routines positively condition us and make us reach results much faster compared to when we do work in short bursts of motivation.

A routine also imposes a certain amount of self-discipline, progressively making things easier. Therefore it can be beneficial in your retired life as it also saves you the trouble of planning even the simplest of daily tasks.

5.     Have Regular Health Checks

Prevention is much better than cure. This fundamental principle of health care is most true in the case of retired people who can nip diseases and problems in the bud by being proactive.

Having regular health checks also tells you if there is any habit that you need to change or modify as time progresses. You can plan these checkups well in advance and thus keep yourself fit and healthy.

William Schantz’s Concluding Thoughts

Retirement is a beautiful chapter in one’s life and should not be considered an end but a new beginning. We hope William Schantz’s tips will help you lead a happier, purposeful, and relaxed retired life.

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